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Psychic Readings

I started psychic readings at a young age where I have learnt how to work with my gift of being a clairvoyant. My sessions focus on the future and can bring you guidance in your personal life, career, and creative projects.

Lady sat with energy cards for a psychic reading

Those who are close to us that have crossed over may come forwards within the reading, but this is purely on their own accord, and it may not always be the right time for you.

The style of my readings are relaxed. We begin with a short guided meditation led by myself to ground our energies into the space before we start. I begin by channelling messages that come through and use energy cards to help show the flow of the journey to come.

These sessions are a conversation between you and I, you can ask questions and get the most of your time with me. There's no particular reason why you might feel drawn to having a reading, but I believe when we are at a crossroad, having a reading can help. Here are a few examples of why people might get a reading:

  • Support areas of your life

  • Feeling stuck

  • Give you guidance on what's next

  • Business ideas / growth

All psychic readings are private and confidential available  on weekdays online only. Each session will last 45 minutes - 1 hour priced at £50.00.  

Book an Appointment

Please click the button below to check my calendar availability to book your session. If you have any questions about this service, please contact me here

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