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Reiki Healing

I have been working as a reiki practitioner for over 10 years with people internationally online, and in person. From learning hands-on healing organically from a young age, I qualified as a reiki practitioner to understand more.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing should be part of your mind, body, and soul regime. Our bodies are an energetic field that needs maintaining in order to bring balance and to become present with the stored emotions inside of us.

I use my psychic intuition to scan the client's body to navigate where the energy has stopped flowing, and to identify blockages. Using my hands, I place them onto or above the client's body to become a channel for the energy to be transmitted. 

Recently, I have been combining transpersonal therapy into reiki sessions to help the client release blocked emotions in the body.  We work with the body wisdom's by interviewing these areas to identify what is being stored emotionally. These two core holistic practices combined can help to promote a deeper healing session if the client wishes too.

The start of the session involves the client laying down to relaxing music in order to calm the nervous system. We begin by taking a few deep breaths to become present. Shortly after I will place my hands above or onto the body to begin the work. There will be time at the end of the session to share your experience if needed, and to help you gently come back into the room. Every sessions is confidential and held in a safe space. 

In-person sessions are available at The Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre in Plymouth on weekends, or online for weekday appointments. Each session will last 90 minutes priced at £75. 

Book an Appointment

If you have a question about this session before booking, please click here. If you're ready to get started, press the button below to book.

Mike, Reiki Client

'My session helped me overcome chronic back and body pain that had been giving me trouble. I'd become aware of bodies ability to hold onto past experiences and trauma, and I felt drawn to Faye and her practice. All I can say is wow, going through the session helped me to completely relax my body and check in with myself'.
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