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I'm Faye, a transpersonal holistic healer with 15 years of experience.

Scroll down a little bit further to read my story. 

My Story

It all started at the age of 12 where I would know things before they happened, I could sense spirits, and had a deep knowing whether someone was okay or not. I remember my third eye activating whilst sitting in bed thinking I was Harry Potter, it was the only thing I could compare it to! 

As I grew older, my psychic ability started to develop. I could astral project, speak to those who had crossed over into the spirit world, and received messages for people on a daily basis. This was my spiritual awakening, and oh my, it was a hectic and hard journey. I had this extra sense where I had to learn how to use it.

There wasn't any content like we have in new age spirituality, or people who I could learn from. It was a solo road I had to embark on, commit to trusting my intuition, and to be guided. At the age of 18, I started psychic readings for people, mainly connecting to the spirit world, and this progressed into hands-on-healing where I could see into people's bodies on the spiritual plane to know what to work on. 

As my journey developed, I'm still learning, and throughout this process I have worked on my own personal healing too. My healing services have shifted from my earlier days where I now focus on people's future in readings, and how to move them forwards in reiki and transpersonal therapy. I also provide spiritual guidance in these sessions too. 

Wrapping up all the above, this journey is what I am here to do. My sessions hold a true connected space where people can show up as themselves, feel heard, and become their own guide. 


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